Podcast Topic


Unlearning Silence

Guest: Elaine Lin Hering

Kelly talks with Elaine Lin Hering a former managing partner of Triad Consulting Group and a lecturer at Harvard Law School, specializing in dispute resolution, mediation, and negotiation. Her new book is called “Unlearning Silence."

"Master of Change”

Guest: Brad Stulberg

Kelly welcomes Brad Stulberg back to the podcast, the well-being expert is on the faculty of the University of Michigan and his new book is called “Master of Change: How to Excel When Everything is Changing – Including You.”

"From Saturday Night Live to Women Work Fucking Hard”

Guest: Lindsay Shookus

Kelly has a fun conversation with longtime Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus about her experiences at the legendary comedy show as well as her current work co leading the platform and networking community "Woman Work F***ing Hard."

Michèle Lamont: Seeing Others

Guest: Michèle Lamont

Kelly has a timely conversation with Harvard University professor Michèle Lamont to discuss her new book "Seeing Others: How Recognition Works and How it Can Heal a Divided World."

Frances Frei and Anne Morris: Move Fast and Fix Things

Guest: Frances Frei and Anne Morriss

Kelly welcomes Harvard professor Frances Frei back to the podcast along with leadership coach Anne Morriss to talk about their new book: “Move Fast and Fix Things: The Trusted Leader’s Guide to Solving Hard Problems.”

Comedy's Serious Role in Human Rights

Guest: Yasmin Elhady, Crystal Echo Hawk, Caty Borum

Live in the Up Comedy Club at Second City, Kelly hosts a podcast taping with a stellar panel of guests to discuss how comedy is an effective tool in the effort for human rights. Presented by the MacArthur Foundation, Pillars Fund and The Second City.

Neelu Kaur: Be Your Own Cheerleader

Guest: Neelu Kaur

Kelly talks to Neuro-Linguistic Programming Executive Coach and Burnout Management Specialist Neelu Kaur about her book, “Be Your Own Cheerleader: An Asian and South Asian Woman’s Cultural, Psychological, and Spiritual Guide to Self-Promote at Work."

Surbhi Sarna: Without a Doubt

Guest: Surbhi Sarna

Kelly has a conversation with entrepreneur Surbhi Sarna who has a new book "Without a Doubt: How to Go From Underrated to Unbeatable."

David Glasgow: Say the Right Thing

Guest: David Glasgow

David Glasgow, NYU professor and Executive Director of the Melzer Center for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging talks about his new book, co-written with Kenji Yoshino, "Say the Right Thing: How to Talk About Identity, Diversity, and Justice."

Jessical Nordell: The End of Bias

Guest: Jessical Nordell

Kelly sits down with science writer Jessica Nordell to talk about her new book "The End of Bias: A Beginning: The Science and Practice of Overcoming Unconscious Bias."

Tracy Dawson: Let Me Be Frank

Guest: Tracy Dawson

Kelly reconnects with Tracy Dawson, a Canadian American actor, and writer who got her start at The Second City Toronto. Her new book is called "Let Me Be Frank: A Book About Women Who Dressed Like Men To Do S**t They Weren't Supposed To Do."

Dolly Chugh: A More Just Future

Guest: Dolly Chugh

Kelly welcomes back Dolly Chugh, a social scientist at NYU's Stern School of Business. They discuss her new book, "A More Just Future: Psychological Tools for Reckoning with Our Past and Driving Social Change."

Kathryn Finney: Build the Damn Thing

Guest: Kathryn Finney

Kathryn Finney, Managing Partner of Genius Guild, a 20M dollar venture fund that invests in amazing Black founders, joins the pod to discuss her new book, “Build the Damn Thing: How to Start a Successful Business if You’re Not a Rich White Guy."

Davide Livermore: Digital, Diverse and Divided

Guest: Davide Livermore

Kelly connects with social scientist David Livermore to discuss his new book: “Digital, Diverse and Divided: How to Talk to Racists, Compete with Robots and Overcome Polarization.”

Russ Roberts: Wild Problems

Guest: Russ Roberts

Russ Roberts, host of the award-winning weekly podcast EconTalk, joins the pod to discuss his new book: “Wild Problems: A Guide to the Decisions that Define Us.”

Simran Jeet Singh: The Light We Give

Guest: Simran Jeet Singh

Kelly connects with Simran Jeet Singh, the executive director of the Aspen Institute’s Program on Religion & Society. His new book is called "The Light We Give: How Sikh Wisdom Can Transform Your Life."

Stephanie Rogers: On Storytelling and Story Jam

Guest: Stephanie Rogers

Kelly sits down in the studio with his old friend Stephanie Rogers, the creator of Story Jam: A Live Lit Show that combines storytelling and original music.

Chad Sanders: Quitters

Guest: Chad Sanders

Kelly welcomes back Chad Sanders to the show to talk about his new podcast "Quitters" which he hosts with Julie Bowen of "Modern Family" fame.

Christine Porath: Mastering Community

Guest: Christine Porath

Kelly welcomes back Georgetown professor Christine Porath to discuss her new book "Mastering Community: The Surprising Ways Coming Together Moves Us From Surviving to Thriving."

Payal Kadakia: LifePass

Guest: Payal Kadakia

Kelly connects with Payal Kadakia, the founder of the fitness and wellness platform ClassPass to talk about her new book "LifePass: Drop Your Limits, Rise To Your Potential."

Christine Emba: Rethinking Sex

Guest: Christine Emba

Kelly has a provocative conversation with Washington Post writer Christine Emba whose new book is called "Rethinking Sex: A Provocation."

Paul Denniston: Healing Through Yoga

Guest: Paul Denniston

Kelly sits down with Paul Denniston, the founder of Grief Yoga to talk about his new book “Healing Through Yoga: Transform Loss Into Empowerment.”

The Reverend Doctor Jacqui Lewis: Fierce Love

Guest: The Reverend Doctor Jacqui Lewis

Kelly connects with public theologian, activist and minister, The Reverend Doctor Jacqui Lewis to talk about her new book, "Fierce Love: A Bold Path to Ferocious Courage and Rule-Breaking Kindness That Can Heal The World."

Deana Criess: Improv for the Visually Impaired

Guest: Deana Criess

Kelly talks to Deana Criess whose work at the Perkins School for the Blind has her teaching improvisation to the visually impaired.

Mary Gauthier: Saved by Song

Guest: Mary Gauthier

Kelly connects with Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Mary Gauthier to talk about her compelling new memoir, "Saved by Song."

Ekpedeme "Pamay" Bassey: Improvising Sacred Spaces

Guest: Ekpedeme "Pamay" Bassey

Kelly connects with the Chief Learning & Diversity Officer of Kraft Heinz, Ekpedeme "Pamay" Bassey about her time visiting a variety of sacred spaces, including her stint taking improv classes at The Second City.

Eliza VanCort: A Woman's Guide to Claiming Space

Guest: Eliza VanCort

Kelly talks to writer, consultant, and speaker Eliza VanCort about her new book, "A Woman's Guide to Claiming Space: Stand Tall. Raise Your Voice. Be Heard."

Kim Scott: Just Work

Guest: Kim Scott

Kelly has a friend of the pod, Kim Scott on to talk about her fantastic new book, "Just Work: Get S**t Done, Fast and Fair."

Amy Solomon: Notes From The Bathroom Line

Guest: Amy Solomon

Kelly talks to Amy Solomon, Hollywood producer on such iconic television shows as "Silicon Valley" and "Barry." Her new book is called "Notes From The Bathroom Line," a collection of essays and musings from 150 hilarious women in comedy.

Dr. Marisa Porges: What Girls Need

Guest: Dr. Marisa Porges

Kelly has a fascinating conversation with Dr. Marisa Porges who currently runs The Baldwin School outside of Philadelphia, but she also worked in the Obama White House and flew fighter jets for the Navy.

Chad Sanders: Black Magic

Guest: Chad Sanders

Kelly talks to entrepreneur and media mogul Chad Sanders about his new book “Black Magic: What Black Leaders Learned From Trauma and Triumph.”