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Stephanie Rogers: On Storytelling and Story Jam


Stephanie Rogers

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Kelly sits down in the studio with his old friend Stephanie Rogers, the creator of Story Jam: A Live Lit Show that combines storytelling and original music.

How did Story Jam start?

“We started with live lit storytelling. I was going to storytelling shows. I was interested in live lit because I had an acting background. And so I saw this originally as another solo show thing. I took a solo show class in Chicago. In that class, I realized this was actually a whole world.”

And how did the link between storytelling and music happen?

“There was a missing link. No one was incorporating music into the story, in the sense of a musical theatre thing. I saw an opportunity to create something new. But storytelling for us has expanded a little bit. I mean I wish it was called something else.”

You got a master’s degree in written communication; did that change your storytelling?

“It was a great experience because now I understand things a little more from an intellectual standpoint of how to build and craft a story. And the fact that you need to start with your problem right away.”

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