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We’re the professional services arm of the world-renowned Second City comedy theater. We use the methods pioneered on our stages to create professional development, content, and events that drive personal growth and organizational improvement.

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We help some of the world’s highest achieving companies collaborate better, invent faster, and lead with authenticity.

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We’re passionate about exploring the behaviors shared by creativity and commerce.

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Unplug Like An Improviser

Improvisers have a knack for forgetting all about their tempestuous devil devices and staying in the present moment with their peers, thanks to a few non-battery-life-sucking-habits.

Is Your Workplace A Joke? A Comedy Club Might Help

Comedy clubs are more than just laugh factories these days. Increasingly they are making cameos in your office with workforce and leadership training initiatives.

Improvisation Is People Centered Rapid Prototyping

Why are millions of dollars spent on advertising campaigns that are not effective?

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