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The Second Science Project 

In 2017, we launched the Second Science Project with the Center for Decision Research at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. This multifaceted collaboration looks at Behavioral Science through the lens of improvisation. Together, we’re working to generate new data-driven insights and identify better ways to unlock the power of human capital in today’s workplace.

The Second Science Project is built on a number of research initiatives. 

It uses ongoing Executive Education programs at Booth as natural laboratories. That unique setting allows seasoned improv practitioners and behavioral science researchers to explore new ideas and insights alongside business leaders from around the world.

Recent Finding

Harnessing the power of “Thank you, because.” 

Research suggests that expressing gratitude and acknowledging the value of a different perspective can lead to better collaboration and more prosocial behavior. In our labs, we’re exploring how the phrase “Thank you, because” can mitigate disagreements by keeping lines of communication open and making people feel more trusted. We believe that the outcomes created by these small acts of gratitude can have a strong impact on engagement and performance.

Recent Finding

Hearing the whole person.

Self-verification theory says that people feel reassured when their sense of self is supported by others. In our labs, we’re using this theory to create new improvisational exercises that let individuals see and hear the whole person across from them—not just the surface. Because being fully heard makes people feel valued. When they feel valued, they engage. And when they’re engaged, they’re at their best.

To learn more about this groundbreaking partnership, visit the Second Science Project at Chicago Booth.

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