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Humor + Performance

People remember what makes them laugh.

Messages are ignored. Behavior doesn’t change. Performance stalls. Why? Often it’s because your workforce isn’t fully engaged. Dig deeper and you may find that you’re not dealing with shared truths or acknowledging the humanity of your audience. To connect, you have to be pithy and punchy, relevant and relatable. And being funny is usually pretty helpful, too.

Laughing taps into what motivates people—their own experience.

When people see things they relate to presented in a surprising way, it makes them laugh. And laughing makes them more attentive and receptive. Our events, content, and professional development programs take advantage of that effect by building around shared experiences. So content is more enjoyable, easier to retain, and more likely to be acted upon.

Learn more about how improvisation reverses “No, but” thinking and improves creativity and collaboration in our book Yes, And—Lessons from The Second City.

Laughing is a means, not an end.

Although the things we make are funny, that’s not really the point. It’s about being effective. Our content helps messages break through by giving ideas resonance, dimension, and meaning. Our improv-based learning programs help people develop critical skills—how to build empathy, learn from failure, thrive through change—by engaging them in the learning process.

All because when people laugh, they also listen, remember, and grow.

Let’s inspire better performance.

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