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We make things that make change stick.

We use the same creative chops and audience insights that make our stage shows legendary to create digital, social, and video campaigns that inspire people to change their behavior. Our end-to-end approach can introduce new concepts, rally employees, reinforce learnings, and celebrate success across your organization.
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What’s short, funny, and sticky?

Real Biz Shorts videos. They’re brief (under 2 minutes), funny (not work funny, but actually funny), and relatable. So people remember them. And because they’re based on shared work experiences, they kickstart better conversations between employees and management.

A library of critical topics

Real Biz Shorts videos focus on a wide range of Ethics + Compliance and Talent Management issues. They’re designed to quickly capture attention and diffuse tension around critical topics that are often challenging to discuss.

Ethics +

Conflict of Interest

Corruption + Bribery

Culture of Compliance
Fraud + Accurate Reporting

Information Security + Privacy

Diversity + Anti-Harassment

Talent Management 

Performance Feedback

Leadership Development

Building Customer Relationships
Change Management

Workplace Behavior

A programmatic approach.

Real Biz Shorts are designed to slot into your existing campaigns and activities to make them even more effective. They let you deliver a consistent narrative approach and visual experience throughout your program, without gaps or overlaps. And our Delivery Kit makes it easy to personalize communications, create e-newsletters, and implement best practices for delivery.

Let’s get people excited about your most critical initiatives.

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Featured Collaboration

Hampton by Hilton

As it looked ahead to another busy summer season, Hampton by Hilton wanted to connect with travelers in an authentic way. We helped them create The Real Travel Comedy Hour-ish—a campaign that was based on exactly the type of relatable travel instances that represent their travelers’ real lives.

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Featured feed Post

Lennox and Second City Works Collaborating to Make a Difference

Second City Works recently collaborated with client partners Lennox International, GE, and others to produce the newly released Real Biz Shorts Anti-Harassment video content.

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