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End the buzzword buzzkill with Real Biz Shorts.

Real Biz Shorts is a licensed video content library that uses laughter to cut through jargon so your messages connect. We’ve co-created these videos with hundreds of organizations to address only the most relevant topics. Over 300 of the Fortune 1000 have used Real Biz Shorts, racking up more than 30 million views.


What’s short, funny, and sticky?

Real Biz Shorts videos. They’re brief (under 2 minutes), funny (not work funny, but actually funny), and relatable. So people remember them. And because they’re based on shared work experiences, they kickstart better conversations between employees and management. Recurring characters, ongoing storylines, and consistent laughs keep people coming back—and messages top of mind—episode after episode.

A library of critical topics.

Real Biz Shorts videos focus on a wide range of Ethics + Compliance and Talent Management issues. They’re designed to quickly capture attention and diffuse tension around critical topics that are often challenging to discuss.

Ethics + Compliance

Talent Management

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