How a Social Networking Site Boosted Workplace Agility + Resilience During a Pandemic

Facing the Challenge of Learning in a Virtual World

As a sales learning partner in the global marketing and sales team of a major social media conglomerate, MT is responsible for enabling more than 800 sales professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to drive the success of advertisers on the platform. “It’s my job to understand the critical sales priorities and assess audience learning needs and performance gaps for our new & tenured employees,” says MT.

When a global pandemic changed customer behavior and how people conducted business, MT knew she had to equip her sales team with skills to increase empathy and creativity.


MT turned to Second City Works to design and deliver a custom virtual sales development program focused on skills to help sales teams better understand their clients, cultivate sensitivity to the impact of the pandemic on their businesses, and creatively adapt to their needs.

Second City Works’ designer and lead facilitator Tyler Dean Kempf worked closely with MT to create “Showing Up with Agility,” an engaging interactive session with sales simulations, classic Second City scenes, improv exercises, and live music.

“Virtual facilitation allows us to create an even more personalized program for our clients. We worked closely together to ensure our debriefs tied directly to the participant’s other training within the organization, which ensures a more cohesive learning experience. This program was built from the ground up. Macy and her team gave us a lot of creative freedom, but it was a truly collaborative process,” says Kempf.

“Virtual facilitation allows us to create an even more personalized program for our clients.” -Tyler Dean Kempf, Lead Designer and Facilitator

Transformation & Results

Program feedback for the multiple sessions from participants has been positive. Sales leaders report that sales meetings have turned from one-way presentations into two-way conversations that generate an abundance of solutions. The program has been so well-received that other parts of the company are now implementing the virtual workshop with their teams.

"Improv teaches us to truly be present and in the moment. Operating with resilience, agility and empathy helped our sales team develop new skills and overcome roadblocks. When salespeople exercise empathy, prospects and customers notice." says MT.

When salespeople exercise empathy, prospects and customers notice. - MT, Sales Learning Partner, Global Marketing and Sales Team

To bring agility and resilience to your team virtually, contact us now to co-create custom programming to meet your organization’s needs.

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