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Payal Kadakia

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Kelly connects with Payal Kadakia, the founder of the fitness and wellness platform ClassPass to talk about her new book LifePass: Drop Your Limits, Rise To Your Potential.

One of my favorite conversations in the book is how you talk about integrating your artistic self and your business self.

“Most people always ask me about how my Indian American identity played or what it's like being a woman in tech. So, I love that you are even asking me this question, because one of the bigger struggles of my life has really been the fact that I've been a really creative human being with dance and on the other end, I was in love with math and science and went to one of the top math and science schools in the world. But I think as I started building ClassPass and becoming an entrepreneur, I found a space where both could coexist in my career, and I think that's really when I hit my stride.”

And your creative side gave you the fuel you needed to succeed on the business side.

“My creative side allowed me to have different perspectives from different people as well. In my dance community and friends circle, it was people who literally we're not trying to get promotions at work, they didn't care about getting married, they were living by a very different lifestyle which was truly about feeding their creativity and art. And I loved having that and seeing that because it fueled my creativity and art which allowed me to really become fully into all the colors of who I was.”

And you failed a few times getting ClassPass built, but that’s all part of the process to getting it right.

“People always ask me like how did you build your brand?  And I didn't have to. I didn't have to tell people how to feel because the product was doing the work right. It was built with the right mission, it was built with the right intention, I didn't have to formulate it in some sort of box to make people feel a certain way. They just felt it because we designed the product the right way and with the right intention.”

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