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We’re passionate about helping companies improve employee engagement and accelerate professional development. From our leadership, to our facilitators, to our production crews, we’re constantly exploring new ways to inspire better performance.

September 21-23: HCI Learning & Leadership Development Conference

Stop by our booth or watch the Second City Works Interactive Keynote at HCI Learning & Leadership Development Conference.

September 13-16: 19th Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute

Visit Second City Works at booth #805 at SCCE’s annual Compliance & Ethics Institute.

August 18-19: Canadian Meetings & Events Expo

Stop by the Second City Works booth or visit Emcee Sandy Jobin-Bevans as he takes the stage Canadian Meetings + Events Expo.

July 27-29: HCI Employee Engagement Conference

Stop by our booth or watch the Second City Works Interactive Keynote at HCI Employee Engagement Conference.

June 16-17: 5th Annual Life Science Ethics and Compliance Training Conference

Second City Works to Deliver Session and Attend 5th Annual Life Science Ethics and Compliance Training Conference.

[Webinar] From Yes And To Thank You: How Improvisation & Behavioral Science Make Work Better

Kelly Leonard to deliver webinar 'From Yes And To Thank You: How Improvisation & Behavioral Science Make Work Better' presented by The Institute for Performance and Learning.

May 17-20: ATD International Conference & Exposition

Visit Second City Works at booth #542 during the ATD 2020 International Conference & Exposition.

March 25-26: 10th Annual Pharmaceutical Sales Training Conference

Second City Works to deliver session and attend Q1's 10th Annual Pharmaceutical Sales Training Conference.

[Webinar] Developing Leadership At Every Level: An Improvisational Approach

Kelly Leonard to deliver webinar 'Developing Leadership At Every Level: An Improvisational Approach' presented by Chief Learning Officer.

March 12: 2020 Catalyst Awards Conference: Now Is the Moment

Stop by the Second City Works booth at the 2020 Catalyst Awards Conference and in our facilitated session in partnership with MARC (Men Advocating Real Change, Catalyst) including improvised scenes and advocate skills development.

January 22-24: HRPA Annual Conference & Trade Show

Second City Works is attending the HRPA Annual Conference & Trade Show. Visit us at Booth #633 to discover the different ways Second City Works can power up your HR department.

LISTEN: Kelly Leonard Talks Improv as Human Practice on A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation

Kelly joins the podcast A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation to talk about the connection between improv and innovation, business skills, behavioral science, caregiving and how the principles of improv are deeply connected to the basic principles of functioning better as a human being.

How To Use Improv To Up Your Legal Marketing Game

The tenets and skills of improv aren’t just for the budding comedy star. In a recent National Law Review article, legal marketers were encouraged to “unlock their Yes, And” as a way to stay relevant and agile in the ever-evolving industry.

Future-proof Your Workforce (or How To Not Let Robots Win): LinkedIn's 2020 Emerging Jobs Report

In LinkedIn’s third-annual LinkedIn Emerging Jobs Report, soft skills (or as we like to call them, human skills) are listed as 1 of 3 trends set to define the jobs of tomorrow in 2020.

Why Netflix Practices Failing In Order To Succeed

Stanford University lecturer Dan Klein was recently interviewed by This Working Life regarding failure, Netflix, and why more offices need improv training.

Play The Scene You’re In, Not The Scene You Want To Be In

Kelly Leonard and Anne Libera speak at the Coca-Cola CMO Leadership Summit about how they managed their daughter Nora's cancer journey with deliberate practices that created an ensemble out of caregivers.

Improvised Conversations: Sarah McEneaney, PwC

Sarah McEneaney is a Partner and the Digital Talent Leader for PwC who joins Improvised Conversations to discuss infinite learning, the Digital Accelerator program, and using improv as a lens to practice the human-centered skills centered around the change strategy at PwC.

Ethics And Compliance: A Method For Insight And Action

Humor is a vehicle for insight and improvisation provides a practice in applying that insight into real-world situations. In other words: comedy grabs the attention and improv improves the action.

5 Things To Know from Learning 2019

Members of Second City Works enjoyed a packed three days of learning and development content, got our steps in, and basked in the sunshine at the Woodstock of learning, aka Learning 2019, held at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

How Improvisation Changes the Brain

A recent article in Psychology Today by Clay Drinko, Ph.D., examines the brain activity while improvising (or being totally focused and present) and suggests how we can utilize improv thinking to make our work and daily lives richer.

LinkedIn TalentConnect 2019 Highlights

A few of us from Second City Works braved the late-September Dallas heat to eat some brisket, listen to country music, and attend LinkedIn’s TalentConnect conference bringing together over 4,200 recruiting, HR, and learning professionals.

To Develop Leadership Skills Practice in a Low Risk Environment

Developing leadership skills, like anything else, requires practice to gain confidence and feel prepared when leader-ing in the wild.

5 Ways To Make Your Strategic Meetings More Productive

Strategic planning meetings are popping up on calendars. How are you feeling about being trapped in a room with your co-workers for an extended period of time? Here are 5 ways to make your strategic meetings more productive.

Do This To Make Your Onboarding More Effective

To set new hires at any level up for success, companies need to think beyond just tactical onboarding initiatives and give equal focus to assimilating them into the cultural and team dynamic.

Using Laughter and Storytelling to Connect People and Boost Accountability

By bringing laughter and storytelling into corporate training you can create a learning experience that is engaging, memorable, and leads to higher retention, recall, and behavior change.

4 Ways to Unlock Your Team's Creativity

Harvard Business Review outlines four ways leaders can get their team’s creative juices flowing. And they support the improv-based methods pioneered on our stages that inspire ground-breaking comedy.

3 Improv Principles That Will Grow Your Business Development

There is more than one way to generate business, and Empower, an award-winning media agency, is spearheading a corporate-wide shift focused on techniques and processes from the comedic world of improv.

That's a Wrap: Highlights from ATD 2019

Highlights from ATD 2019, the world's largest talent development conference.

Using Improv To Unite Your Team

As it turns out, the same old, same old won’t cut it in the workplace to inspire collaboration and engagement from your team.

The Bulls Aren’t The Only Team That Plays At The United Center

To celebrate the operational success of back-to-back events, the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks, approached us to create 'The Half Daily Show', a half day professional learning and development session.

What's Missing In New Manager Training?

According to new research from the Association for Talent Development (ATD) most organizations can improve at developing new managers, especially when it comes to promoting interpersonal people skills like communication, empathy and creating human connections.

Unplug Like An Improviser

Improvisers have a knack for forgetting all about their tempestuous devil devices and staying in the present moment with their peers, thanks to a few non-battery-life-sucking-habits.

LISTEN: Kelly Leonard Talks Improv as Human Practice on A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation

Kelly joins the podcast A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation to talk about the connection between improv and innovation, business skills, behavioral science, caregiving and how the principles of improv are deeply connected to the basic principles of functioning better as a human being.

LISTEN: The Power of Improv Within Corporations

Kelly Leonard joins the #UnlockingInnovation podcast with EX3 Labs to talk about cultivating talent, responding in the face of ambiguity, why improv can help solve problems in communication, and washing dishes with Jon Favreau.

Kelly Leonard talks Improv in Everyday Life in the PPG Paints Green Room with WGN Radio

Kelly Leonard visits the PPG Paints Green Room with WGN Radio to talk about how he got his start at The Second City, what he’s learned from his dad, and how improv can help you in your everyday life.

LISTEN: Using Improv to Enhance Creativity and Connection with Others

Listen: Kelly Leonard recently shared on the Mission Daily podcast why improv is at the core of what makes us human and how we can use the practice to enhance our own creativity and connection with each other.‍

Lights! Camera! Feedback!

Second City Works and Radical Candor bring together learning and development leaders from some of the world’s top organizations to exchange ideas, gather insights and share laughs at a Launch Partner Summit for a workplace comedy online learning program available in early 2020.

A New Orientation Workshop Pushes Law Students to Practice ‘Hearing One Another’

Students at the University of Chicago Law School are learning that active listening in 'Hearing One Another,' a workshop developed by the Second Science Project founded at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in collaboration with The Second City.

LISTEN: Better Your Business with The Second City Works and The Hero Factor

Kelly Leonard, Executive Director of Insights and Applied Improvisation, sat down with Entrepreneur Weekly to explain how improv is helping entrepreneurs follow their fears, hone their pitches, and learn to collaborate.

Improv and Business Share the Same Stage

Kelly Leonard recently spoke on the Outside In podcast, hosted by Charles Trevail to talk about how applying improv to business teaches us to listen and focus effectively, collaborate with others, and be ready for change.

The Act of Improv(ing) You

In a world where rapid change and innovation take center stage, interpersonal skills are now, more than ever, vital in ensuring the success of individuals and organizations.

Second City Celebrates 12 Years of Laughs at the Chicago Blackhawks Convention

Since 2008, The Second City and Second City Works have been proud to participate at the Chicago Blackhawks Convention with a live performance that brings together two of the legendary entertainment institution’s favorite things: comedy and hockey.

Improvising Radical Candor Offers A Fresh Approach to Implementing Radical Candor

Radical Candor and Second City Works continue to grow their partnership with Improvising Radical Candor: Digital, a suite of digital videos and support materials that will offer a scalable way for organizations to implement Radical Candor’s proven feedback framework. 

What Second City Works Taught SNL’s Chris Redd

Chris Redd is a current cast member on SNL, nationally touring stand-up comedian, and budding movie star. But a lucky few might recognize him from one of the professional gigs he did while working for Second City Works as one of our wildly talented performers.

Improvising Radical Candor at ATD2019

Learn more about Improvising Radical Candor at the ATD International Conference & Exposition, the world's largest, most comprehensive event for talent development and learning professionals.

Radical Candor and Second City Works Take You from HaHa to Aha with Improvising Radical Candor

Improvising Radical Candor combines the expertise of Radical Candor with the innovation of Second City Works.

Is Your Workplace A Joke? A Comedy Club Might Help

Comedy clubs are more than just laugh factories these days. Increasingly they are making cameos in your office with workforce and leadership training initiatives.

We Should Take Humour in the Workplace More Seriously

Humour is something that the majority of us use and enjoy instinctively, but there is plenty of scientific research to confirm what those natural impulses tell us: humour is good for us.

An Innovative Approach

The Washington Post examined how an increasing number of workplaces are relying on new methods to tackle anti-harassment training. Second City Works was featured in the story as an industry innovator using humor and empathy to create safer environments.

The Future of Aging

Kelly Leonard presented at the 2018 NIC Conference (National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care) last month on the future of aging. Kelly talked about Second City's Improvisation for Caregivers program and how it has helped him during his own caregiving story.

The Link Between Empathy and Leadership Performance

What is the link between empathy and leadership performance? Find out in a new and interesting podcast with Deloitte's Kim Christfort.

How to Build Connections Through Comedy in Marketing [Podcast]

Bumper Carroll, VP of Creative at Second City Works, joins the Content Experience Show to discuss comedy in marketing and risk-friendly environments.

September 10-12: HCI Learning & Leadership Development

Second City Works to lead session at the HCI Learning & Leadership Development conference

August 27-28: IL CPA Summit 2019

Stop by and visit Second City Works at our booth, keynote, and flash sessions at the Summit19 hosted by the Iillinois CPA Society

August 13-14: Canadian Meetings & Events Expo

Second City Works takes to the stage at the Canadian Meetings + Events Expo. Our own Sandy Jobin-Bevans will emcee Canada's largest and longest running conference for meeting and event professionals.

July 29-31: HCI Employee Engagement Conference

Stop by the SCW booth or session at HCI Employee Engagement Conference July 29-31 in Denver, CO!

July 26 Webinar: All the World’s a Brandstage (Or, This Little Piggy Went to Market Research)

Join Second City Works for an unconventional and interactive live webinar featuring the power of improv and Brandstage on July 26, 2019.

July 24: Chicago Innovation Summit

On Wednesday, July 24th, Chicago Innovation and The Executives' Club of Chicago will co-host the 4th annual Chicago Innovation Summit where Executive Director of Insights & Applied Improvisation, Kelly Leonard, will be on the panel for "Every Innovation Tells a Story."

July 11: ANA Content Marketing Conference

Second City Works hosts Members of Association of National Advertisers (ANA) for the ANA Content Marketing Conference on Thursday, July 11 in the UP Theater.