Improv and Business Share the Same Stage

Kelly Leonard recently spoke on the Outside In podcast, hosted by Charles Trevail to talk about how applying improv to business teaches us to listen and focus effectively, collaborate with others, and be ready for change. Because business life isn’t any different from human life. We just need to listen to each other more, embrace our failures, and keep improvising.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • Why improv is essentially “human being practice” that teaches us how to make something out of nothing — and that’s what we do in business, too
  • How rehearsals and synchronicity create “peak performers” in the arts…and in business
  • Why organizations (and the humans within them) have a listening problem, and what we can do to fix it
  • How isolation and a “conspiracy of silence” around suffering ultimately hurt us at work
  • Why it’s better to incorporate many failures into your success narrative rather than try to beat failure out of you
  • The one improv technique you can start using today to create a better connection with your coworkers
“If you look at any problem in business, it's probably a communication problem. Well, that's what improvisation strikes at the heart at because we don't communicate well.”
Kelly Leonard

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