[Listen] Private Equity Firm Takes a 'Yes And' Approach

The Second City, 'Yes And,' and Private Equity

Hosts Jim Milbery and Jimmy Holloran of the ParkerGale, 'Private Equity Funcast' are joined by Second City Works facilitators Marla Caceres and Nelson Velazquez to discuss how ParkerGale has leveraged Second City Works to provide professional development for senior executives in addition to the concepts that underpin The Second City philosophy and why they are so important to fostering growth, teamwork, and innovation. Oh – and don’t miss the end when the crew improvises a song entitled “The Ugly Burning House.”

"Our job is to start the Yes And and they solve the problem themselves by getting the freedom to think." - Jim Milbury, Partner on how ParkerGale uses 'yes, and' to collaborate with portfolio companies

Listen the full episode, The Second City, "Yes AND," and Private Equity, available now on the Private Equity Funcast

And Contact Us to learn how you can use Yes, And and the other tenets of improv to develop compelling stories, inspire innovation, and foster team collaboration.

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