The Act of Improv(ing) You

In a world where rapid change and innovation take center stage, interpersonal skills are now, more than ever, vital in ensuring the success of individuals and organizations. 

Kelly Leonard, co-author of Yes, And and Second City Works' Executive Director of Insights and Applied Improvisation, recently spoke with the Illinois CPA Society about ways in which improv could help members improve their daily work lives. Leonard points out that often, tactile roles, like accountants, are overlooked when considering the need for highly developed interpersonal skills. 

“As the world becomes more automated, and as we look at what the needs are for the future of work, those needs include storytelling, divergent thinking, problem solving, agility, and resilience,” Leonard states. “These aren’t skills that you’re going to get if you sit in front of a computer monitor all day.”

One way to practice these skills is by engaging in improv, which gives employees space to make mistakes in a low risk environment. 

“Unfortunately, both in education and in business, we don't give people enough space to fail their way to success,” Leonard states. “We [The Second City] give people a very safe space to fall on their faces, laugh about it, and get up and try it again.”

For more insights, read the full discussion on how to use improv as a tool of success to improve interpersonal skills in a rapidly changing workplace.

Interested in practicing playfully? Find out how our RewireU program engages individuals across all professions to create the best version of their work life by using improv. 

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