LISTEN: The Power of Improv Within Corporations

Kelly Leonard joins the #UnlockingInnovation podcast with EX3 Labs

Kelly Leonard has been at The Second City, where he now serves as Executive Director of its B2B branch, since 1988. He was responsible for hiring some of the most iconic names to come out of the theater, including Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Amy Sedaris, and Adam McKay. He also co-authored the book “Yes, And.” Today, Kelly helps companies apply The Second City’s methods to business. EX3 Labs talks with him about cultivating talent, responding in the face of ambiguity, why improv can help solve problems in communication, and washing dishes with Jon Favreau.

“In a tech enabled world where AI can do so much, the things that will carry us through and make us successful are our most human things.” - Kelly Leonard

For more insights from Kelly Leonard, listen on #UnlockingInnovation or check out "Getting To Yes, And" hosted by Second City Works.

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