Future-proof Your Workforce (or How To Not Let Robots Win): LinkedIn's 2020 Emerging Jobs Report

In LinkedIn’s third-annual LinkedIn Emerging Jobs Report, soft skills (or as we like to call them, human skills) are listed as 1 of 3 trends set to define the jobs of tomorrow in 2020. 

From their report, LinkedIn states, 

“Demand for soft skills is likely to increase as automation becomes more widespread. Skills like communication, creativity, and collaboration are all virtually impossible to automate, which means if you have these skills you’ll be even more valuable to organizations in the future.”

So how can you become a better human at work? 

  • Practice active listening. That means listening to understand versus listening to respond when others are talking. (Easier said than done.) Pay attention to both the words and body language. And ask clarifying questions.
  • Use the improv tenet of “Yes, And” in your next meeting to encourage active participation and open mindsets. Build and expand upon ideas being offered so they become everyone’s ideas.
  • If you’re responsible for upskilling and reskilling the current force, put the binders down and create a low-risk, safe atmosphere to playfully practice these skills in impactful, active sessions.
  • And if you’re not quite ready for the plunge, create room in the next L&D brainstorming session to plan how to incorporate these skills in the next company-wide training.

For 2020 reports specific by country, please visit LinkedIn

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