LISTEN: Using Improv to Enhance Creativity and Connection with Others

The Magic of Improv, Mission Daily Podcast with Kelly Leonard

Listen as Kelly Leonard shares why improv is at the core of what makes us human on the Mission Daily podcast.

On this episode, Chad and Kelly take a deep dive into improv, why it is the core of what it means to be human and how we can use the practice to enhance our own creativity and connection with each other.

“The great thing about creative work is that it actually thrives in constraint.” - Kelly Leonard

“In a world where our menial tasks and some of our very sophisticated tasks will be taken over by computers or robots, what we will need is to be able to access the thing that is the most human, the thing that is least robot, which is problem-solving, storytelling, resilience and agility, change readiness, collaboration, and teamwork. There is a reason that computers are not very good at improvising because they are all about finding the pattern. But in comedy, it’s about the pattern interrupting, it’s all about the joke you didn’t see coming.”

For more insights from Kelly Leonard, listen on Mission Daily or check out "Getting To Yes, And" hosted by Second City Works.


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