How To Use Improv To Up Your Legal Marketing Game

The tenets and skills of improv aren’t just for the budding comedy star. In a recent National Law Review article, legal marketers were encouraged to “unlock their Yes, And” as a way to stay relevant and agile in the ever-evolving industry.

“Yes, and” is the cornerstone of improvisation, creativity, and innovation. The phrase does not mean blindly agreeing to whatever is said, but rather being open to possibilities and building on ideas so they become everyone’s ideas. The article recommends legal marketing teams...

“...designate time specifically for exchanging ideas and brainstorming freely, without judgment and without rejection. This practice can lead to great discoveries and a whole new mindset when it comes to tackling workplace challenges and driving innovation — in legal marketing, in client service and in life.”

For more tips on how to stay agile and relevant in the legal marketing field, read the full article in the National Law Review.

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