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Using Laughter and Storytelling to Connect People and Boost Accountability

By bringing laughter and storytelling into corporate training you can create a learning experience that is engaging, memorable, and leads to higher retention, recall, and behavior change.

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3 Improv Principles That Will Grow Your Business Development

There is more than one way to generate business, and Empower, an award-winning media agency, is spearheading a corporate-wide shift focused on techniques and processes from the comedic world of improv.

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How to Build Connections Through Comedy in Marketing

Bumper Carroll, VP of Creative at Second City Works, joins the Content Experience Show to discuss comedy in marketing and risk-friendly environments.

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A massive game of one-word story

What happens when 55 million followers engage in an online game of one-word story? Twitter decided to find out with a simple less-than-280-character tweet.

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The Path To Creativity

The irony is not lost on me that I am sitting here with writer’s block while I try to write an essay on creativity – and yet, it is this exact problem that has plagued the creative mind from its inception.

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