3 Improv Principles That Will Grow Your Business Development

Over the course of 6-months, Second City Works did a series of storytelling workshops with the creative media agency Empower to strengthen their collaborative chemistry, help them generate ideas from abundance and become better prepared for client pitches. By using improv techniques, Empower’s team now takes the time to practice getting ideas and pitches up on their feet before meeting with clients, thus giving them more confidence when it counts.

According to this Forbes article by Meghann Craig, Empower’s Senior Director of Marketing and PR, using these three core improv principles will elevate business growth, develop confident communicators and nurture a strong company culture. See how they have gone above and beyond to weave improv’s philosophy into their corporate culture and keep it top-of-mind.

Empower has fully embraced the tenets of improv at a corporate-wide level, and we are thrilled with their success. Our time together is remembered fondly. And sure clients come and go, but a Forbes article is forever.

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