Podcast Topic

Decision Making

Sally Jenkins: The Right Call

Guest: Sally Jenkins

Kelly speaks with legendary Washington Post sportswriter Sally Jenkins about her new book "The Right Call: What Sports Teach us About the Art of Decision Making."

Andrea Small: Navigating Ambiguity

Guest: Andrea Small

Kelly talks to Stanford Professor Andrea Small about her new book "Navigating Ambiguity: Creating Opportunities in a World of Unknowns."

Allison Holzer: Dare to Inspire

Guest: Allison Holzer

Allison Holzer, the Chief Innovation Officer of InspireCorps, talks to Kelly about her new co-authored book, "Dare to Inspire: Sustain the Fire of Inspiration in Work and Life."

Dan Ariely: Ethics, Medicine and Human Nature

Guest: Dan Ariely

Kelly talks to noted behavioral scientist Dan Ariely about a new ethics training program called 'The Medical Professionalism Project,' as well as his own fascinating backstory.

Dr. Donna Hicks: Leading with Dignity

Guest: Dr. Donna Hicks

Kelly connects with Harvard professor Donna Hicks about her new book "Leading with Dignity." Dr. Hicks' extensive work in international conflict led her to study the role dignity plays in how human beings can work more effectively with one another.

Keiko Agena: No Mistakes

Guest: Keiko Agena

Kelly talks to Keiko Agena, best known as Lane Kim on the Gilmore Girls, about her new book "No Mistakes: A Workbook for Imperfect Artists."

Simon Sinek: Start with Why

Guest: Simon Sinek

Kelly connects with the brilliant Simon Sinek to talk about purpose, creativity and focus.

Kathleen Schafer: Leading With A Sense Of Self

Guest: Kathleen Schafer

Kelly talks to leadership expert Kathleen Schafer about running an office and running for an office.

Francesca Gino: Why it Pays to Break the Rules

Guest: Francesca Gino

Kelly talks to Francesca Gino, a Harvard professor whose new book, “Rebel Talent,” highlights the unusual characteristics of our most successful innovators - including a chapter looking at the power or improvisation.

Howard Yu: How to Thrive in a World of Inevitable Copycats

Guest: Howard Yu

Kelly has a fascinating conversation with scholar Howard Yu about his new book "Leap," which looks at how being the best doesn't guarantee long-term success.

Nicholas Chater: The Mind Is Flat…And It Improvises

Guest: Nicholas Chater

Kelly has an intriguing conversation with Behavioral Scientist Nicholas Chater whose controversial new book, “The Mind is Flat,” challenges the concepts of mental depth and unconscious thinking.

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz: Everybody Lies

Guest: Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

Kelly dials up data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz whose New York Times Bestselling book “Everybody Lies” offers some fascinating and disturbing insights into big data, little lies and the difficult search for truth in our country today.

David Cancel: Helping Is The New Selling

Guest: David Cancel

Kelly talks to serial entrepreneur David Cancel about his unique approach to selling, marketing and the future of work. Read further for this week’s Rule of Three.

Melissa Shilling: Quirky

Guest: Melissa Shilling

Kelly talks to Professor Melissa Shilling whose new book “Quirky” explores the science the traits that drive geniuses like Elon Musk, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs and Marie Curie.