Podcast Topic

Fear of Failure

Dr. Kathleen Smith: Everything Isn't Terrible

Guest: Dr. Kathleen Smith

Kelly gets some free therapy from Dr. Kathleen Smith who talks about her book "Everything Isn't Terrible: Conquer Your Insecurities, Interrupt Your Anxiety, And Finally Calm Down."

Bill Wooditch: Fail More

Guest: Bill Wooditch

Kelly talks to Bill Wooditch, CEO of risk management company The Wooditch Group. His new book, "Fail More," speaks to the need for individuals to embrace their mistakes as a way to grow and thrive.

Brad Staats: Never Stop Learning

Guest: Brad Staats

Kelly talks to professor Brad Staats whose new book, "Never Stop Learning," looks at learning from the intersection of operations and behavioral science.

Amy Edmondson: The Fearless Organization

Guest: Amy Edmondson

Kelly gets to talk to renowned scholar Amy Edmondson about her new book "The Fearless Organization."

Peter Horst: Marketing in the #FakeNews Era

Guest: Peter Horst

Kelly talks to the former CMO of Hershey's and Capital One, Peter Horst, whose new book explores how brands can no longer sit on the sidelines in an era dominated by politics, social issues an social media.

Kristen Hadeed: Permission To Screw Up

Guest: Kristen Hadeed

Kelly swaps stories with Kristen Hadeed, a young entrepreneur whose new book, “Permission to Screw Up,” supports that idea that failures are inevitable, important and vital to any kind of success.

Michael Lewis: The Undoing Project

Guest: Michael Lewis

Kelly speaks to New York Times Bestselling author Michael Lewis whose books “Moneyball,” “The Blind Side” and “The Big Shot” were made into blockbuster films. They talk about his newest book “The Undoing Project.”

Sam Wasson: Improv Nation- How We Made A Great American Art

Guest: Sam Wasson

Kelly and noted author Sam Wasson dig deep into his new book, “Improv Nation,” about the history of improvisation in America.

Awakening Compassion At Work

Guest: Jane Dutton and Monica Worline

Kelly talks to acclaimed scholars Jane Dutton and Monica Worline who show us the evidence based science that a caring workplace is a more successful workplace.

Bob Johansen: Seeing Into The Future

Guest: Bob Johansen

Kelly talks to futurist Bob Johansen who has worked with companies like Kellogg’s, Intel, Disney and McDonalds. Bob is a distinguished fellow at The Institute for the Future and got his PhD at Northwestern University.

Kathryn Minshew: People, Purpose And Path

Guest: Kathryn Minshew

Kelly talks to Kathryn Minshew, The Founder and CEO of the online career source The Muse and the co-author of “The New Rules of Work: The Modern Playbook for Navigating Your Career.”

Lisa Bodell: Why Simple Wins

Guest: Lisa Bodell

Kelly connects with the CEO of Futurethink and author of “Why Simple Wins,” Lisa Bodell. They explore simple techniques to help organizations embrace change and increase their capability for innovation.

Seth Godin: The Value Of Weird

Guest: Seth Godin

Kelly talks to prolific author, blogger, marketer and entrepreneur Seth Godin about money, failure and the value of being weird.

Lauren Duca: Living In Outrage Culture

Guest: Lauren Duca

Kelly connects with Lauren Duca, the 26 year old columnist for Teen Vogue who has inspired legions of young women and men while ending up in the crosshairs of Tucker Carlson and Fox News. Check this out. She is wise beyond her years.

Follow The Fear: What Artists Can Teach You About Innovation

Guest: Peter Himmelman

Kelly Leonard talks to musician Peter Himmelman about stories, songs and using fear to propel creativity.