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The Theory of Applied Improvisation

The Innovation Crush podcast provides all the “who-to-know” and “what-to-know” you'll ever need to know. Kelly Leonard joins long-time idea maker and host Chris Denson to talk about Second City’s evolution as a business and how improv often leads to the best innovation.

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If Comedy Is Making You Feel Bad, You’re Not Paying Attention

New York Times critic and author Jason Zinoman ultimately makes the case for the power of comedy. ("Comedy has become essential to how we see ourselves.") In the article, Second City Works is referenced as an effective, on-trend way to improve the bottom line.

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Improvised Conversations: Using Humor to Talk about Difficult Subjects

Kelly talks to Anne Libera, who runs Second City's Comedy Studies Program with Columbia College, about how humor can be a vehicle to address tricky subject matter and strengthen bonds between people, communities and organizations.

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The Role Of Laughter & Humor In The Workplace

Because I work for The Second City, a lot of people assume all I do at my job is laugh.

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