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Leaders: The Frontline in the Battle with Burnout

Burnout doesn’t manifest because employees aren’t working hard enough to prevent it. Burnout is a result of a work environment that doesn’t provide employees with the resources needed to meet their organizations’ expectations.

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The Cost of Burnout

Job stress is cited as an increasing source of anxiety for many, and when unmanaged, it causes employee burnout. Check out this infographic on the emotional and financial toll associated with the pervasive problem of burnout.

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Chicago's Mayor Proves Laughter Is Also Contagious

The Washington Post noticed that Chicago's typically very serious mayor Lori Lightfoot has turned to humor (and some famous Second City alumi) to spread the word about, and get people to pay attention to, her stay-at-home orders.

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We Should Take Humour in the Workplace More Seriously

Humour is something that the majority of us use and enjoy instinctively, but there is plenty of scientific research to confirm what those natural impulses tell us: humour is good for us.

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The Future of Aging

Kelly Leonard presented at the 2018 NIC Conference (National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care) last month on the future of aging. Kelly talked about Second City's Improvisation for Caregivers program and how it has helped him during his own caregiving story.

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How an improv class is helping the anxious

An estimated 12% of all US adults experience social anxiety disorder at some time in their lives, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. If you take the current population, that's nearly 40 million people. Find out how an improv class is helping the anxious.

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