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4 Ways to Unlock Your Team's Creativity

Harvard Business Review outlines four ways leaders can get their team’s creative juices flowing. And they support the improv-based methods pioneered on our stages that inspire ground-breaking comedy.

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How to Build Connections Through Comedy in Marketing

Bumper Carroll, VP of Creative at Second City Works, joins the Content Experience Show to discuss comedy in marketing and risk-friendly environments.

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Jean Paul Sartre And Ringo Or How We Learned To Stop Worrying And Trust The Audience

My favorite Second City show title is Jean Paul Sartre and Ringo from a Chicago Mainstage show in 1987.

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The Buggy Whip. VHS Rentals. The Focus Group.

I’m sitting in the back of the Annoyance Theatre on Chicago’s North Side with a plate of hummus and veggies and a bottle of water.

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The Path To Creativity

The irony is not lost on me that I am sitting here with writer’s block while I try to write an essay on creativity – and yet, it is this exact problem that has plagued the creative mind from its inception.

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All Content Is Local

Regardless of the size of your company, you’ve probably attended a big conference or corporate tour.

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