The Bulls Aren’t The Only Team That Plays At The United Center

To celebrate the operational success of back-to-back events--the National Achievers Congress and Trevor Noah’s standup show--the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks, approached us to create 'The Half Daily Show', a half day professional learning and development session. The goal was to give employees an understanding of how their roles impact each other in order to work more collaboratively and efficiently with cross-functional groups and on their own teams.

“We want to make sure we give every opportunity to figure out how we best accomplish these things and how we do it together,” said Joe Myhra, SVP of Operations and Administration. “We don’t accomplish anything on our own. At the end of the day, we’re all working together.”

The session included improv games and activities that pushed people out of their comfort zones, encouraged collaborative thinking and got everyone engaged. The United Center team learned skills to improve their personal and professional lives and gave them the opportunity to celebrate each other and the work they do.

Thanks to the United Center for putting together this fantastic video of our session. Great engagement. Lots of laughing. No dead eyes. This is what professional development should look like.

Looks like fun, doesn’t it? Click here to contact us and learn how Second City Works can drive positive change and performance improvement on your team.

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