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Diversity + Inclusion

Fearless Girl To A Fearless Improviser

We can look ahead, empowered, unafraid of failure, aware of the real, imperfect world we live in, but confident in our ability to continue to change it.

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Cox Automotive Canada’s Women With Drive Event Celebrates Progress, Drives Equality

Cox Automotive Canada's annual Women With Drive event is an inclusive movement built to support female successes and aspirations. This year's event did not disappoint and Second City Works was there.

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Improvised Conversations: Using Humor to Talk about Difficult Subjects

Kelly talks to Anne Libera, who runs Second City's Comedy Studies Program with Columbia College, about how humor can be a vehicle to address tricky subject matter and strengthen bonds between people, communities and organizations.

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Black-Ish History Month

It’s been almost 25 years since I started writing sketch comedy and performing improvisation

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Getting Old White Guys To Come To Your Diversity Training

“Where are all the old white guys,” I blurted out, accidentally voicing what I was thinking. Everybody in the room looked at each other and grew quiet. It was a terrible question.

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How Can Comedy Help Biglaw With Issues Related To Gender, Diversity, And Inclusion?

It’s no secret that America’s largest law firms are lacking in diversity.

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