[Webinar] Leading With Laughter: How Verizon Uses Improv To Develop Effective Leaders


How do you equip leaders to improve their collaboration, innovation, and empathetic communication capabilities? These were key goals of Verizon's 2019 leadership development curriculum. Learn how Second City Works, the professional services arm of the world-renowned comedy theater, brought Verizon their unique perspective on ideation, collaboration, agility, and embracing the unknown.

You will leave this webcast understanding how to:

  • Create an environment where every contribution is valued and heard.
  • Embrace change instead of brace against it.
  • Be more comfortable being uncomfortable in the unknown.
“When we think about skills like collaboration, innovation, listening, empathy, we thought improv would be a great way to not only teach it, but role model it and give someone a really engaging, experimental, memorable experience.”

Sarah Janjua, Senior Manager, Executive Education & Top Talent Programs, Verizon

Missed the webinar? No worries! Contact us to learn how a 60-year old improv theatre can spark your organization's L&D programs with interactive workshops focused on practicing better ways to communicate, collaborate, and innovate.

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