New Manager Training

According to new research from the Association for Talent Development (ATD) most organizations can improve at developing new managers, especially when it comes to promoting interpersonal people skills like communication, empathy and creating human connections.

When managers succeed, so do their employers; that’s even more important with new managers. Companies may heighten talent risk when failing to spot struggling new managers.

Some Key Findings:

· Management training begins too late. Among those companies with first-time manager training, only 27 percent say they offer training to employees before they start managing others.

· A skills gap persists for first-time people managers. The biggest skills gaps for first-time people managers are leadership skills, soft/people skills, and management skills.

· Most learning professionals favor in-person training methods. Even those charged with providing scalable development virtually still find ways to instill the human touch in their approaches.

Read the complete research summary here.

And to learn more about how improv can help develop leaders at all levels, check out this video.

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