August 13-14: Canadian Meetings & Events Expo

Second City Works takes to the stage at the Canadian Meetings + Events Expo. Our own Sandy Jobin-Bevans will emcee Canada's largest and longest running conference for meeting and event professionals.

Stop by Booth #1432 to learn more about how we bring interaction, energy, and humor to meetings & events.

Want to up your presentation skills? Learn ways to hone your pitch at our session on Storytelling.  

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Session: Storytelling with The Second City

Led by Lee Smart, Comedian, improviser, actor, writer, Second City Works

Level 200

Humans have craved stories since the first cavemen gathered around the first fire and talked about how they discovered fire. It’s in our DNA. Whether you’re hoping to perform at an event or you just want to get better at telling the story from that one time at camp, this is the session for you.

Bring your event, product, ideas, and data to life with this interactive workshop by Second City Works.

  • Learn what makes for a great story & how to master those mechanics.
  • Listening to and collaborating with your audience to hit the right emotional mark
  • Developing each story’s hero & giving your audience that role to make the story more powerful
  • Demonstrating a transformation that drives action & change from you audience

Can’t make it to Canadian Meetings + Events Expo? That’s okay. We can come to you. Contact us to learn how craft experiences that are engaging, interactive, and fun.

The Canadian Meetings + Events Expo is the largest and longest running tradeshow and conference for meeting and event professionals. CMEExpo is now not only the premier live event in Canada but also a robust online resource and guide allowing us to serve the meeting and event industry all year round.

The Second City has produced some of the most unforgettable satire and influential comedians of the last sixty years. Its pioneering methods inspire the mindsets and behaviors that lead to rapid innovation and incomparable content. Second City Works uses those same methods to create professional development, content, and events that drive personal growth and organizational improvement.

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