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Seth Godin: The Song of Significance


Seth Godin

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Kelly welcomes the legendary Seth Godin back to the podcast to talk about his new book  “The Song of Significance: A New Manifesto for Teams.”

You call this book a manifesto, why?

“This is a short book about a fork in the road, about a decision we all get to make. Each of us can show up in our own way, but the choice is the same: to lead, to create work that matters, and to find the magic that happens when we are lucky enough to cocreate with people who care.”

And you offer that work in more recent times doesn’t meet the moment with regard to human flourishing.

“The collection of literature, systems, and organizations devoted to managing people is nearly endless... Tools can create efficiency, but value can only come from change, from humanity, and from the rare form of connection that comes with significance. It’s the emotional labor of showing up because we care.”

Can you say more about moving from safety to significance?

“Safety is first. It’s impossible to grow, to connect, or to lead if we are under threat or feel the ground shifting beneath us. Next come affiliation and status, an alternating dance of vaguely related emotions. Affiliation is being part of something, fitting in, being connected. And status is simply who eats lunch first. Our place in the order of things. But the real desire is significance. To do something that matters. To be missed if we’re gone. The universal desire to achieve dignity and be seen.”

Publish Dates: Darius Bashar and Archangel

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