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Rosie von Lila: Mass Human Flourishing


Rosie von Lila

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Kelly has a wide-ranging discussion with the multi-talented Rosie von Lila whose work has taken her from finance to Burning Man to the US National Defense University.

You’ve had such a diverse career - this can’t have been planned out?

“Well, yeah and I love that old Steve Jobs quote that you can never connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking back. My work is focused on generating mass human flourishing and communicating the message that that is available now. I can look back at this wide variety of things that I've done and all these different people that I've had the blessing to interact with and learn from and say yes, it all makes sense now. And coming from the place of play, which is what my last name means, what I'm here to do is connect with people, speak with people and inspire us all to be creators in the world, such that flourishing emerges for us on an individual level and collectively as humanity and for our planet.”

You write about not being afraid of the coming revolution with AI and machine learning, but to embrace it as a way to discover our own humanity.

“When we are freed from our jobs, we get to be self determined. And I think that that could potentially be scary for somebody who has always been told what to do. And when you're given the full freedom of ‘what is it that I want to do?’ That is the journey of self actualization. That's really what we're here to do: to unfold what is my purpose in life, what is it that I want to do.”

There’s research that notes how important a beginner mind is to creative problem solving and I think you find that at Burning Man, right?

“Burning Man is proudly known for being a world of amateurs. That is trying something on the edge of their skills, on the edge of their experience. There's tons of breakdowns and then most of the time, through the support of the community - that happens spontaneously and in the moment -  they're able to accomplish something glorious in their life. And that is a gift for other people and so there's so much to be said for that.”

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