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Liz Tran: The Karma of Success


Liz Tran

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Kelly connects with Liz Tran, the founder of Reset - an executive coaching and wellness company - to talk about her new book "The Karma of Success: Spiritual Strategies to Free Your Inner Genius."

People might look at the title of your book and not understand that you were very much a data person before your epiphany 10 years ago..

“I've always been very much an analytical person, but I'd also been missing out on this really magical treasure of listening to my own instinct and intuition. I didn't know how to do that. And so now, this book that I've written 10 years later is very much an owed admiration of the past 10 years: still listening to data, but also knowing the importance of intuition and this has wound up being my career with the work I do, coaching CEO’s and, hopefully, with people who read the book.”

So, it’s not the one needs to be anti-data, it’s understanding that the vital concerns in life our internal rather than external.

"What's actually important is the human stuff of how you're learning, how you're growing, how you're evolving and whether or not you feel deeply connected to the work that you're doing. And that's where I distinguish between the internal and external mechanical work versus intuitive work. Mechanical work is all the stuff that you can see on the surface - that you can measure, that you can quantify, that you can compare to someone else. Whereas intuitive work is when a person goes inward and they decide to define what success means to them individually, not through the eyes of society or any expectations.”

I think we also both see how improvisation connects to this inner work that you’re talking about.

“I was so excited to talk to you today because I think the parallels between improvisation and some of the stuff that we talk about in the book are so clear and so beautiful. Because you can't show up when you're in an improvisation and not trust yourself. Right? There's no time to second guess like, well, where is this coming from? Is this a valid thought? What is this person going to think of me? What does this mean about my childhood that I'm thinking this right now? Is this something I expected? That kind of lack of self-consciousness and just really trusting in the process and in yourself.”

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