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Jason Del Rey: Winner Sells All


Jason Del Rey

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Kelly speaks to journalist Jason Del Rey to discuss his new book, “Winner Sells All: Amazon, Walmart and the Battle For Our Wallets.”

This story about Walmart and Amazon ends up being a story about a lot of brilliant and flawed human beings.

“It's not always clear that there are people running these big corporations. They're humans who have their own ambitions, but also their own fragilities and insecurities. And, you know, the thing with these two companies is those manifest themselves in services and products and decisions that affect tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of people around the world - both as employers and as distributors of these products and services.”

And as successful as both companies are, you find a lot of stories where the business goes the other direction.

"You look at a company like Amazon and you think that they're just going to go up into the right, you know, just growing, growing, growing forever. And life doesn't work that way. And I have a lot of those ‘life doesn't work that way’ moments in this book. Where it seems like a company, or a person is something or someone that never loses. And then, you know, life hits them, and you have a choice at that point, which is, you either fold and go home, or you pivot as the tech industry likes to say.”

I think one of the most interesting things about both companies is how they both feel they need to be in the healthcare space.

“I've become an e-commerce nerd over the years covering this space. But that chapter about health care and these two companies was probably my favorite to write and report, because A. I learned so much and I had to do so much extra reporting to make sure I knew what I was talking about, and B. Because I really do think both will be players in the health space. How big? I'm not sure, maybe 5, 10 years down the road. And so, I think all of us should be paying attention to their efforts, whether we're a fan of them or not.”

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