Your Best Defense

Your Best Defense

Sick of outdated videos full of bad actors in oversized suits? Us, too. In fact, those boring, out-of-touch programs could actually be hurting your employees’ learning. The Second City understands that you need a big win when it comes to mandated anti-harassment training. That’s why we’re tackling a complex topic with our time-tested methods to create a brand-new program that educates, entertains, and leverages humor to engage participants and foster behavior change.

This webinar will give you an exclusive look at our innovative new program: Your Best Defense: Anti-Harassment Training. We’ll be talking to some of the creative team members behind the project, as well as legal and HR leaders to discuss why this program is unlike anything else currently available.

In this webcast, you will:

  • Understand what “anti-harassment compliance” means
  • Preview the new program from The Second City
  • Hear from the creative team behind the series

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