Agile Communication for Sales Success

Agile Communication for Sales Success

What’s the secret to closing more leads? Agility.

(Record scratch)

Agile? Really? Sure, “agile” has taken project management and product by storm, but…sales?

Yup. In fact, HBR claims that ditching the sales script and communicating more flexibly is the secret to better understanding and supporting your prospects' needs. “Meeting the needs of today’s buyers requires more frequent change… In fact, rigidity leads to missed opportunities.”

Here at the Second City, we know a little something about going script-free. Now, we’re sharing our world-famous methodologies with sales leaders and enablement teams – helping them discover a new approach to success.

In this webcast you will:

  • Learn more about The Second City’s approach to agility and adaptability in sales communication: relationship building, authentic listening, and effective pivoting.
  • Discover how to put these methodologies into action.
  • Hear how RBC Royal Bank leaders Jodi Rasmussen-Witte, Senior Manager Talent Acquisition, and Tino DosSantos, VP Business Markets, encourage and develop agile conversation skills in the “real world” of providing advice.
  • See a demonstration of exercises developed by the agility experts at The Second City.

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