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Try These Improv Exercises To Practice Resilience in the Time of Coronavirus

Here are three exercises that can help individuals discover and implement a resiliency practice for themselves and their work teams - virtual or otherwise.

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3 Ways To Help Your Virtual Teams Thrive During A Difficult Time: An Improvisational Approach

In improvisation we are taught to play the scene we’re in, not the scene we want to be in which forces us to embrace uncertainty, unease and disconnectedness.

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How 20 Minutes of Improv Can Increase Uncertainty Tolerance

It has long been accepted that practicing improv helps people better adapt to change and think more creatively, but there was little scientific evidence to back it up...until now!

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The Second City Does Improv of its Own, Bringing Comedy to Your Couch

The Second City Brings Comedy to Your Couch! New live-streamed entertainment, education & business programming launches online.

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