Free Your Feedback & the Rest Will Follow

Improvising Radical Candor, a partnership between Radical Candor, LLC and Second City Works, produces virtual and digital learning content. We help create engaged, connected workforces that get more done with less drama.

Research suggests a majority of employees don’t receive the feedback they need to perform better at work, causing companies to lose time, talent and money.

The Feedback Loop is our Netflix-style digital feedback training series starring David Alan Grier (yes, THAT David Alan Grier), and follows a pair of well-intentioned, but flawed leaders that learn to act less like Michael Scott and more like Kim Scott by practicing the principles of Radical Candor with their teams. Laugh at and learn from their feedback fails.

Packed with the irreverent humor The Second City comedy writers are known for, The Feedback Loop teaches your team Radical Candor’s proven feedback framework to help you get more stuff done with less drama, retain top talent and increase revenue.

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