What Improv Can Teach You About Holding Onto New Hires

Your onboarding program sucks. Here are tips on keeping your new recruits on their toes, from the masters of improv.

Ask most leaders and they’ll tell you: Perhaps the only thing better than hiring great employees is keeping them.

And yet, pause a minute and look around: How many of your recent hires have their eyes on the door?

It’s often hard to tell, though, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics;employee turnover rates are the highest in a broad swath of industries and leaders everywhere are familiar with the threat.

Of course, losing any good employee hurts, but watching new hires walk has a particular sting to it—especially when you add up all the costs of replacing them.Some experts say that numbers can range as high as two-times an employee’s annual salary considering what it takes to recruit, hire, onboard, train, and get an employee fully engaged and productive.


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