September 21-23: HCI Learning & Leadership Development Conference

Stop by our booth or watch the Second City Works Interactive Keynote at HCI Learning & Leadership Development Conference

September 21-23, 2020

Everett, MA

Second City Works Interactive Keynote

Stop by soon for additional details.

About the Learning & Leadership Development Conference

The mantra heard daily in organizations across the country, "Go Faster!" now affects everything we do and the way it gets done. New market demands, customer trends, and the pace of work are creating constant change at every level of the organization. Managing and guiding frequent shifts, especially on a tight budget, means leaders must be able to adapt quickly to new goals, and develop and support collaborative teams while keeping them engaged.

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Can’t make it to HCI Learning & Leadership Development? That’s okay. We can come to you. Contact us to learn how we help improve team communication, collaboration and performance by using the same tenets of improv pioneered on our iconic comedy stages.

The Second City has produced some of the most unforgettable satire and influential comedians of the last sixty years. Its pioneering methods inspire the mindsets and behaviors that lead to rapid innovation and incomparable content. Second City Works uses those same methods to create professional development, content, and events that drive personal growth and organizational improvement.

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