Heartland Dental Introduces a New Leadership Summit for Dental Students

A career as a dentist means balancing a passion for patient care against the perils of overseeing the business side of a dental practice. These competing priorities can trip-up even the most seasoned dental professionals. Common pitfalls for new dentists and avoiding them were the focus of LAUNCH™, a leadership conference for dental students hosted by Heartland Dental. More than 200 third-year and fourth-year dental school students applied, and just over 100 were selected for the all-expenses-paid, two-day event held in Chicago July 13-14. LAUNCH, as its name suggests, was designed to propel students’ thinking about leadership traits that can ensure a thriving dental career.

“Years ago, I noticed that new dentists tended to all have the same attitudes that I had coming out of dental school. And, they all made the same mistakes [that I did],” said Rick Workman, DMD, Founder and Executive Chairman, Heartland Dental, whose keynote opened the program. “By sharing my experiences, I knew I could help them avoid common mistakes. That is the purpose of Heartland Dental. We put dentists in a position to be more successful and happy and to have their journey through dentistry fulfill their dreams.”

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