Handling Objections with Improv

Handling Objections with Improv

Picture it: you’re cruising along on your sales call, absolutely crushing your pitch, when it happens – Your prospect interrupts you with…an objection. (Cue Theme from "Jaws".)

We know you’ve been there. Objections happen. But how you handle them can have a huge impact.

According to a study run by GONG, top-performing reps handle objections with confidence, by asking questions and utilizing careful listening – and these techniques drive serious results.

But, how the heck can Improv Comedy help my sales team better handle objections from prospects?

Here at the Second City, we know a little something about putting comedy principles into action – harnessing the power of improv to help you handle objections like they were just “part of the scene.”

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn more about The Second City’s approach to authentic listening, trust building, agile communication, storytelling, and pivoting in the face of “adversity” – geared specifically for sales.
  • Discover how to put these frameworks into action.
  • See a demonstration of exercises developed by the (hilarious) objection-handling experts at The Second City.
  • See a demonstration of custom scenes developed by the (positively rib-tickling) objection-handling experts at The Second City.

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