Developing Authentic Human Connections in a Virtual Workplace

Developing Authentic Human Connections in a Virtual Workplace

When working remotely, it’s easy for employees to feel out-of-sight, out-of-mind. In the virtual workplace, we can’t bump into each other in the hall and catch up on the weekend’s activities or stand around the breakroom together enjoying a colleague’s birthday cake. These short, casual, personal interactions are essential building blocks for workplace trust and engagement. That is why leaders need to be very intentional about creating similar opportunities like virtual coffee to check-in with employees, so they feel seen and heard. And this is especially true for new employees and teams that are searching for belonging.

Improv tenets like active listening and empathy are crucial skills to establishing open lines of communication, developing trust, and connecting authentically so employees feel supported, included, and engaged.

In this highly interactive session you will learn:

  • Key skills to building trusting relationships
  • The value and role of listening with curiosity
  • Improv exercises you can use by yourself or with others to practice the skills

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