Let’s take the gloves off in the fight against exclusion and harassment.

Creating inclusive environments—free from harassment in all its forms—is among our most urgent challenges. Lip service and pro forma content just won’t get the job done. We can help you really move the needle on inclusion.

Our commitment to the power of the ensemble gives us unique insight into building strong, diverse, and cohesive teams. We use that expertise to help clients develop the skills, mindsets, and conditions that drive inclusion.

Our improv-based professional development programs are tremendously effective at navigating nuanced situations that don’t have clear-cut solutions. And we have unrivaled experience in creating content—both live and video—that educates audiences and keeps them engaged.

By instilling an improvisor's mindset, we can help people learn how to listen empathetically, validate their colleagues, and constructively challenge inappropriate behavior. That helps everyone be fully heard, engaged, and effective.

Let’s inspire better performance.

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