Turning "don't want to go" to "don't want to miss".

Whether you’re aligning on the year’s goals, generating new strategy or simply trying to generate momentum, maximizing the effectiveness of your meetings with engaging content that inspires and impresses is one of the biggest challenges event planners face.

Honed over 60 years, our improv-based creative process ensures that your content is always fresh and that a unique immersive experience is guaranteed every time.

"They just nailed it, they absolutely nailed it." - David Craven, VP Brand Marketing Qdoba

Our roster of talented Second City performers will keep your event flowing smoothly and keep the audience focused on what’s happening on the stage or in the room. Our customized and interactive workshops are ones your people will actually enjoy, and they’ll take away some valuable communication skills too!

"All the leadership and motivational skills they brought to the table was amazing." - Meeting Professionals International

Second City Works is fast, nimble and effective - we can help pull your program together quickly and efficiently, and ensure that your messaging resonates and reverberates throughout the year.

We help launch the best performers in the business. Leave the engagement to us and we’ll make you look like the next superstar at your event.

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